Monday, June 22, 2009

The Process Of Melting

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The individual that I have known to be me disappeared for the first time. I was never aware that I am constantly holding onto a delusional package that is "me"... not until I was willing to let go.

I am made up of fear and attachment. I'm either holding dearly onto something or I am unwilling to face the mysteries of life. Usually there are several specific examples of this that are going on within us subconsciously, all at once. The only way to discover this is to listen- listen to every suppressed emotion, stress, yearning... any feeling of any kind within you. Now make it disappear, make it dissolve completely.

To do this you must allow it to escape you completely (however, no thought-emotion should be involved in this form of expression). Let your fears out, no matter who may be watching. Let go of your clinging, be it to beliefs, ideas, perceptions, reasoning, or sensations.

Why? Once you have tried it, you know that the right thing will always happen. You free yourself from identity of any kind, and you begin expanding. Your false, worldly self, will melt, "normal" bodily awareness will vanish, and you will exist fully, expressing who you truly are.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Prayer vs. Presence

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Prayer can be a very destructive activity. Of course, in order to justify this insight I must first define what the word "prayer" suggests.

Whenever we are asking for something to happen or for things to be a certain way, we are praying. This is what I mean by prayer. The traditional religious form of prayer is to "God," where we request a form or an idea that represents "God" in our mind to manifest something for us. However, religious prayer is essentially no different than non-religious prayer. And truly, by this definition of prayer, everyone prays all the time, every single day. Non-religious prayer is when someone wishes they were in some other place, situation, time... anywhere other than where they really are.

We are constantly in the automatic mode of yearning, anticipation, and fantasy, so much so that we often become unaware of the destructive emotions and stress that goes on within us. This is the dysfunction that is supported and allowed by religious prayer.

But once we realize what is happening to us, usually after our first initial experiences with the power of the presence and meditation, we notice that the power that engulfs us "here" is often displaced "outside" us, some where in our unrealistic and imaginary hopes, dreams, fantasies and prayers. Sometimes, even if a goal or destination is physically a small distance in front of us, we can actually feel that our energy is "there" outside us because of anticipation instead of "here."

Living in the present moment, always right here, where you are, and right now, the only eternal moment you are, destroys prayer in all its forms and manifestations. In fact, we are always either praying or living in the present moment. And you are only free of stress when being present, and any effort or desire to want to be somewhere else creates stress. This is why prayer must dissolve into truth and reality only found in the here-now.

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